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Escola Europea promotes Formati al Porto in Italy

On the 26th of March 2018 the director of the Escola Europea – Intermodal Transport, Eduard Rodés travelled to the Lazio region of Italy to meet Mr Marco Ciarlantini, the head of the director’s secretariat of the regional directorate for training, research and innovation (Scuola Università, Diritto allo Studio – Regione Lazio). The meeting was […]

Energy efficiency in shipping – why it matters!

All industries are looking to becoming cleaner, greener and more energy efficient – and shipping is no exception. Improved energy efficiency means less fuel is used, and that means less harmful emissions. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) – the United Nations specialized agency with responsibility for safe, secure and environment-friendly shipping – is leading a […]

The Escola Europea puts the TransLogMED Project into full throttle

This spring has brought a lot of activity for the Escola, both nationally and internationally. Apart from planning and carrying out the traditional courses in intermodal transport, the Escola Europea – Intermodal Transport has multiplied its efforts to promote the ambitious project TransLogMED throughout the Mediterranean. This week during the SITL conference in Paris (France), […]

Predictive Applications Take Supply Chains into the Future

Anything can happen in the supply chain–trucks break down, ships get rerouted, goods are stolen, parts are faulty, ports close, dockworkers go on strike, and supplier production lines go down. This uncertainty causes companies to buffer inventories beyond what is necessary to service forecasted demand just in case something goes wrong. But this is an […]

EU Council reaffirms rail potential of TEN-T corridors

Ministers from the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council of the EU met in Brussels to consider how policy can continue to help implement sustainable transport systems where energy consumption is low, but mobility for users is improved through better transport times and routes. Read the full article on http://www.onthemosway.eu/eu-council-reaffirms-rail-potential-of-ten-t-corridors/

Next European Shortsea Conference in Lübeck in 2018

2018 ShortSeaShipping Days to have Stronger International Focus Bonn/Lübeck/Valetta, Date – The ShortSeaShipping Days will gain further in importance when the event is held for the third time next year. The well-established ShortSeaShipping Days will then be held jointly with the European Shortsea Network’s annual conference for the first time. The organizer, the German ShortSeaShipping […]

The new triennium of Forma’t al Port takes shape as sponsors meet to renew agreements

The Forma’t al Port project, sponsored by the Port of Barcelona, Barcelona-Catalunya Logistics Center, the Provincial Council of Barcelona (Diputació de Barcelona) and the Escola Europea, begins a new triennium (2018-2020), following the success of its creation and consolidation in the years 2015-2017. The project, through which the port community approaches students of Transport andLogistics, […]