MedCruise and CLIA sign a collaboration agreement

MedCruise and Cruise Lines International Association Europe (CLIA Europe) have signed a collaboration agreement in Brussels.

Through this new agreement both organisations are vowed to jointly promote cruise ship traffic in the Mediterranean Sea, the Black and Red Seas, the Adriatic, and the shores of north of Africa and near Atlantic. In virtue of this important collaborative document, MedCruise and CLIA Europe will carry out specific coordinated actions to develop the sustainable growth of cruise sector in the different local areas and regional organisations, as well as with different bodies of the European Union and related companies in the cruise industry.

Airam Díaz Pastor, president of MedCruise, stated that cruise lines are of vital importance to MedCruise members, so cooperation between both parties was essential. “I want to value the relevance of this agreement we have signed today, since it will allow us to further strengthen the relationship between ports and cruise lines so that the sector continues to grow in our regions and bring wealth to local economies. In fact, in 2017 in our geographical area, 15.8% of the international fleet of cruise ships was concentrated,” he assured.

Kyriakos Anastassiadis, president of CLIA Europe, declared that “we are delighted to work jointly and closely with MedCruise since both associations represent different areas of expertise and a large number of members. In this way, the collaboration agreement will help both associations to continue making progress”.

Source: Veintepies