The Escola Europea – Intermodal Transport is a European training center and a reference for intermodal transport and logistics, promoting sustainable logistics in Europe through innovative courses. Our aim is to promote intermodal transport as the basis for sustainable logistics chains in Europe and throughout the Mediterranean. Our courses have been designed by our team with the overall aim of giving the students a complete view of intermodality.

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Our Classrooms

Our classrooms belong to the Mediterranean

The classrooms of the Escola Europea – Intermodal Transport take the courses one step further by bringing the participants to the environments where short sea shipping and logistics operations take place:

Located in the Mediterranean, the Ports of Barcelona, Civitavecchia (Rome), and Genoa are equipped with the best instruments to let the students get familiar with the logistics communities.

The courses on board of a Ro-Pax vessel on a crossing between two main ports in the Mediterranean along some of Europe’s main short sea shipping routes or on board of a train help the participants experience the operations firsthand and absorb the teachings more efficiently.

The city where our headquarters are located is Barcelona. It is more than just one city to Europe and to the Mediterranean. It is a friendly meeting point that represents a unique way of understanding life and fraternity.

The Port Visit

One of our most popular options, the visit offers a maritime tour of the Port of Barcelona’s. We offer shorter and longer visits, taylored to each group’s needs.


The MOST – Motorways of the Sea Training – courses take the intermodality courses one step further by exploring a complete short sea shipping operations on board of a Ro-Pax vessel. Our students are offered the opportunity to study intermodal operations on a Grimaldi Lines or GNV vessel on the crossings between the cities of Barcelona, Civitavecchia and Genoa. The additional lectures offered ensure that a complete knowledge of these is acquired by the students in an eminently practical environment.

We offer the following MOST courses:

The loading of a truck onto a Ro-Pax vessel in Barcelona - seen during the MOST workshop

MOST Operations

Accessing specific training in intermodal transport and Motorways of the Sea will allow you to design, build and manage door-to-door logistics operations more efficiently and safely, and will provide you with the tools to analyse direct costs and environmental impact for subsequent optimisation.


Our SURCO courses take place in Barcelona and focus on the operations of intermodal rail operations. The course participants are offered either a brief introduction or a complete view of all of the logistics zones and the way that the terminals work in intermodal rail operations. Taking place in Barcelona, the SURCO courses have the advantage of having access to some of the most modern and contemporary terminals.

We offer the following SURCO courses:

Technical Courses

Over the years the Escola’s focus has expanded from short sea shipping operations towards other facets of the transport chain. The new set of Technical courses were created with the goal of offering professionals specialized training that’s complementary to the other courses offered as well as to contribute to Professional Development.

We offer the following technical courses:

Courses on demand

Alongside the above-listed regular courses, the Escola also offers on-demand courses suited to the needs of individual groups. These courses can cover highly technical aspects of transport (Occupational Risk Prevention, e-Freight, etc), or be customised to beginners to the transport field (SURCO Introduction, Introduction to Intermodality). For more information and availability, contact us.

Forma’t al Port

Since the launch of the Forma’t al Port project in 2014, the Escola’s doors have seen thousands of young Catalan students pass through its doors in the pursuit of logistics knowledge and professions. The courses have been incredibly popular and now form part of the Escola’s regular courses.

Below are the different types of courses offered in the Forma’t al Port framework:

Port Virtual Lab

Digitalization of operations is a fact, the Escola Europea has developed a training platform that allows performing operations related to logistics and international transport in our Virtual Port Community.

Both professionals and students will be able to experience first hand activities related to international trade, while interacting with our simulated companies at the Port Virtual Lab