The Escola’s quality plan sets out company standards, quality goals, quality practices, resources and order of activities/processes relevant to the Escola’s operations. The quality plan specifies course standards, work norms and instructions necessary to complete all tasks successfully and exceeding expectations. The training quality plan is reviewed annually.

Quality does not happen on its own!

Courses Quality Control

The Quality Manager (QM) and the Director of the Escola supervise each course programme.

At the end of each course the participants complete an evaluation questionnaire. With the responses the QM elaborates a final report of the course. This report is sent out to the teachers and evaluated for future courses. Once a year all the final reports and the average statistics are reviewed by the Academic Committee in detail.

The Quality Department and the Training and External Relations Department of the Escola continually design of the contents of existing courses and create new ones. The Training and External Relations Department analyses the requests of each training centre working with the Escola, and both departments subsequently review the possibilities together in terms of:

  • Developing new programmes
  • Future changes
  • Customisations for particular centre’s needs

Course Quality Check:

Each course is audited individually. The following aspects are rated:

  • Materials
  • Teachers
  • Documentation
  • Rooms and equipment
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Contents and fulfillment of the schedule


Since its inception the Escola established a symbol of quality to distinguish those people and institutions that help carry out the courses.

In its tenth anniversary the Escola gives form to the original idea and puts it into practice by creating the Arete Excellentiam and Arete Aurum distinctions.

The first is dedicated to the institutions and training centres, and to their representatives and collaborators who contributed with their work and dedication to the development of the Escola’s courses.

The second is awarded to people who for their attitude and acts gave a decisive impulse to the creation and growth of our institution.

The “ARETE EXCELLENCE” certificate took its name from the Arete training of ancient Greece Paideia. Arete included: physical training, for which the Greeks developed the gymnasion; mental training, including oratory, rhetoric, and basic sciences; and spiritual training, including music and what is called virtue.

The certificate of compliance:

The facilities, ships and trains that serve as classrooms where the Escola’s courses take place have been awarded with the ARETE EXCELLENCE certificate crediting that they provide the appropriate space and means to host the courses.

List of Arete Excellence recipients:


  • Eurostar Barcelona (Grimaldi Lines) – 2006
  • Fantastic (GNV) – 2006
  • Splendid (GNV) – 2006
  • Cruise Roma (Grimaldi Lines) – 2008
  • Cruise Barcelona (Grimaldi Lines) – 2009
  • Olympia Palace (Minoan Lines) – 2011
  • Excellent (GNV) – 2015
  • Excelsior (GNV) – 2015
  • Cartage (Cotunav) – 2018
  • Tanit (Cotunav) – 2018


  • El Transcantábrico  (FEVE) – 2009
  • El Expreso de la Robla (FEVE) – 2010


  • Aula Europa (BEST Barcelona – Hutchinson Ports) – 2016
  • Aula dels Estels (Port de Barcelona) – 2018