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We stand out from other training methods and centres thanks to the combination of theory and practice in real on-site experiences or through virtual simulated scenarios, which allow participants to practice what they have learned, and as a result, retain the concepts studied to effectively put them into practice.

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What our alumni say:

Great organization and practicality, helped us to understand and see first-hand the process involved in logistics in the Port of Barcelona.

Excellent! A great lesson on how to organise a course and know how to involve everyone! An experience I won’t forget. Thank you!

A very good programme in terms of the logistics of temperature-controlled supply chains. I am new to the Reefer world so the content covered by the Escola Europea was helpful. The speakers handled the information in a very dynamic way and were very responsive to questions. Thank you very much!

The course has been fantastic, with great teachers, I have learned a lot in some aspects in which I didn’t have such a wide and detailed knowledge as the speakers have explained (railway costs, rail-port terminals). The exchange of opinions and knowledge has also been very interesting! The organisation has been phenomenal. Congratulations to Natacha!

El curso hay sido muy interesante y el nivel de profesores y participantes muy alto. Me ha aportado tanto como esperado.

El curso me ha gustado mucho, las sesiones han sido muy interesantes y nos habéis descubierto un mundo totalmente nuevo para nosotros.

El curso estuvo espectacular los temas y maestros me gustaron muchísimo. Fue ponerle cara a la teoría de las clases. Los felicito!

M’ha semblat molt interessant, ben pensat i ben conduït per l’Escola i el seu personal.

I am very favourably impressed by dedication and professionalism of the Escola team. They are very knowledgeable, deeply engaged and friendly.

How we innovate

We bring innovation to the international trade, transport, and logistics training field, through collaborative international projects, tailor-made courses, and programmes in collaboration with renowned companies, as well as our innovation living lab the Port Virtual Lab.


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