Collaboration in Action: Stories Behind Our Projects

Diving into Innovation

Our projects aren‘t just plans; they’re pathways to progress.

At our core, we’re not just an organization; we’re a journey into the future of intermodal excellence. Since our start in 2004, we’ve been all about teamwork and achievement in the maritime and railway realms. What kicked off as a collaboration between the Port of Barcelona, Grimaldi Lines, and the Ports of Rome and Lazio, has evolved into the Escola we are today.

Over the last decade, we’ve taken a hands-on and creative approach. As time moved on, our influence grew, reaching across Europe, the Mediterranean, and Latin America. We’ve developed innovative courses, struck agreements with universities, and delved into European projects.

We’ve become a hub for consultation, driving the progress of intermodal transport. We’ve partnered with European and international collaborators, shaping intermodal strategies and crafting training materials. Our footprint marks countless European projects, from the rhythmic YEP MED (Youth Employment in the Ports of the MEDiterranean) to the tech-focused beat of TECHLOG (Technological Transfer for Logistics Innovation in the Mediterranean area), and beyond.

Painting aspirations on the canvas of possibility, we invite you to delve into the stories that define us.

Ongoing Projects


Mediterranean Green Shipping Network: Linking Ports, Industries, Investment and Innovation for Monitoring and Technology Foresight on Green Shipping in the Mediterranean.




Completed Projects