Since its foundation the Escola defined a symbol of quality to distinguish those people and institutions that help carry out the courses. The “ARETE EXCELLENCE” certificate took its name from the Arete training of ancient Greeks’ Paideia. Arete included: physical training, for which the Greeks developed the gymnasion; mental training, which included oratory, rhetoric, and basic sciences; and spiritual training, which included music and what is called virtue.

In its tenth anniversary the Escola gave form to the original idea and put it into practice by creating the Arete Excellentiam and Arete Aurum distinctions.

The sculpture

Arete Aurum Award Statue

It is an original work by sculptor José Luis Pascual exclusively carved for the Arete awards of the Escola. The materials the artist used were iron for the sculpture and wood for the pedestal. The surface finishing of the iron is obtained with an oxydating treatment induced through acid.

The iron slab is laser cut following the artist’s drawing. Once the slab has been cut, the sculpture is carved by hand to give shape to each element. Some call this technique “ferroflexia” (iron-bending in Catalan). The work represents in its upper part the sun rising from the sea, formed by stars that symbolise the countries of the Escola’s alumni/participants. In the centre appears Isis, the goddess of wisdom, who lights our way forward. The sea breeze caresses her face, symbolising beauty, and strokes her hair, symbolising strength and determination. On her side the Mediterranean, the cradle of the revolution of knowledge, which is the driving force of change towards new sustainable logistics, where the stars reflect over the waves.

Arete Aurum recipients

The Escola awards the Arete Aurum to people who for their attitude and acts gave a decisive impulse to the creation and growth of our institution.

Below is a list of Arete Aurum recipients:

  • Luigi Ranauro (2019). Award ceremony post-poned due to the public health crisis.
  • Aldo Grimaldi – Solofra, July 1922 – Genova, December 2018. Conferred posthumously (May 2019)
  • Sixte Cambra I Sanchez (2018)
  • Joaquim Coello Brufau (2016)
  • José Anselmo Laranjeira (2016)

Certified Classrooms

The following locations have been given the Arete designation to certify them as classrooms for the Escola’s course – workshops:

  • Cruise Roma – Grimaldi Lines vessel
  • Cruise Barcelona – Grimaldi Lines vessel
  • Excelsior – GNV Grandi Navi Veloci vessel
  • Fantastic – GNV Grandi Navi Veloci vessel
  • Tanit – Cotunav vessel
  • Aula dels Estels – Drassanes terminal classroom
  • Aula Europa – BEST terminal classroom

Arete Excellentiam recipients

The Escola delivers Arete Excellence awards to institutions and training centres, and to their representatives and collaborators who contributed with their work and dedication to the development of the Escola’s courses.

Below is a list of Arete Excellence recipients:

Luca Lupi – Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mar Tirreno Centro Settentrionale (2022)

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