The Escola Europea – Intermodal Transport is a European training centre and a reference for intermodal transport and logistics, promoting sustainable logistics in Europe through innovative courses. Our aim is to promote intermodal transport as the basis for sustainable logistics in Europe. The first courses were organised in 2004 and were promoted by the Customer Service Department of the Port of Barcelona with the collaboration of Grimaldi Lines and the Ports of Rome and Lazio.

In 2006 the Escola was formally founded in the shape and form as it is known today by the Ports of Barcelona, Rome and Genoa, as well as the shipping companies Grimaldi Lines and GNV. It’s name was Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping – It became Escola Europea – Intermodal Transport in 2017.

Throughout the years, the Escola has gained experience and know-how in the areas of administration of national and international projects, communication, contents creation and in the promotion and development of logistics’ clusters in collaboration with recognised European institutions. Nowadays the Escola focuses its activities on three main areas: Project Office, Training and Communication, Knowledge and Research.

Below is a summary of our brief history:

  • 2022

    ★ April – the opening of the Office for Sustainability

    ★ First course of Port Virtual Lab – with participants from the University of Barcelona

    ★ November – First edition of Port Virtual Lab – TALENT

    Achievement: 16,000 students, with a record of 2,100 students in 2022 only

  • 2021

    ★ Click&Cargo and the Escola work together to give rise to PortVirtualLab

    ★ TechLog project is approved and launches in July 2021

    ★ Virtual company SDG Lines joins the Port Virtual Lab community

    ★ Virtual company PortRailway joins the Port Virtual Lab community

    ★ Technical Office for Sustainability is opened

    ★ ITS G. Caboto and the Escola offer the first GLIPS course

    ★ Escola Europea headquarters in Italy is officially launched with the creation of the website.

  • 2020

    ★ YEP MED project is approved and launches in September 2020

    YEP MED Logo

    ★ MEDPorts Associations joins the Escola in the YEP MED project

    Logo of the MEDPorts Association

    ★ ITS G. Caboto and the Escola join forces to offer a new course in Civitavecchia

    Corsi - ITS G Caboto e Escola

    Achievement: First online courses

  • 2019

    ★ Inauguration of the Italian headquarters of the Escola Europea

    ★ First MOST Algeria course

    ★ First course on Temperature Controlled Supply Chains

    ★ Launch of the Formati al Porto project

    Achievement: More than 300 courses and 12.000 students

  • 2018

    ★ Inauguration of the classroom “Aula dels Estels”

    ★ First MOST Tunis course

    ★ First course on Port Operations

  • 2017

    ★ First MOST Morocco course
    ★ Start of the TransLogMED project
    ★ First course on Groupage & Consolidation Centres

    Achievement: 10,000 students and 250 courses completed

  • 2016

    ★ 10th anniversary since its foundation
    ★ Publication of the ODISEO book in honour of the event. The book can be downloaded HERE.

    Achievements: 200 courses, 8.000 participants, 9 projects

  • 2015

    ★ 1st edition of Forma’t al Port course
    ★ The Escola gives a course for Brazilian government officials focusing on SSS in Brazil, funded by the World Bank
  • 2014

    ★ The Escola receives the Escola de Sagres Award from the Shortsea Promotion Centre Portugal
    ★ Launch of the Forma’t al Port project
  • 2013

    ★ 1st courses without any external funding
    ★ Participation in the TEN-T projects CLYMA (as Project Office) and B2MoS

    ★ Participation in the Optimed project (ENPI programme) to foster the relationship with the South Mediterranean neighbouring countries
    ★ Shortsea Ambassador Award from SPC Flanders
  • 2012

    ★ 1st courses in intermodal rail transport in Portugal (SURCO Inaugural)
    ★ Shortsea Initiative Trophy from BP2S (SPC France)

    Achievement: 100 courses and 5.000 participants

  • 2011

    ★ Participation in the TEN-T project MOS4MOS that focused on new technologies in MoS MOS4MOS ★ Leader of the LIFE – Logistics Intermodal Freight Enhancement project
    ★ 1st course LIFE MOS Gloss course focusing on a study of SSS in Mexico
    ★ 1st issue of the ODISEO newsletter
    ★ April 2011 – the LIFE Logistics project, funded under the European Union’s Marco Polo Programme, began. The project ran until November 2013.

    Achievement: more than 1.000 participants in one year!

  • 2010

    ★ 1st edition of the MOST Europe course for European professionals and policy-makers
    ★ 1st course on intermodal rail transport on board of the school train El Expreso de la Robla (built under GLAD project)
  • 2009

    ★ 1st edition of MEDAMOS course
    ★ 1st courses in intermodal rail transport in Spain (SURCO)

    Achievement: 50 courses

  • 2008

    ★ Participation in the project about new technologies and comodality: COMODALWEB (funded by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport)
    ★ Leader of the GLAD training project. The GLAD project included an environmental approach and new railway courses

    Achievement: 1.000 participants in the courses

  • 2007

    ★ PETRA second prize from the Spanish Ministry of Development for the Best Business Experiences
    ★ 1st edition of WEST-MOS courses
    ★ 1st edition of Medcruise courses
  • 2006

    ★ The Escola is created in the shape and form it has today
    ★ Common Learning Actions project funded by Marco Polo Programme
    ★ The website is launched
    ★ Award from El Vigía newspaper for the Best Logistics Initiatives of the year
    ★ 1st Arete – Excellence awarded by the Escola to the vessel Eurostar Barcelona
  • 2005

    ★ 2nd course for professionals
    ★ 1st course for students
  • 2004

    ★ 1st promotional course for professionals organised by the Port of Barcelona SAC department