The Action aims at increasing the use of Motorways of the Sea services for transport of cars in the Mediterranean, by improving the infrastructure for direct land and sea access to the ports of Koper and Barcelona. More specifically, at the Port of Koper the construction of a new ro-ro berth in Basin III and a new 6th group of railway tracks are scheduled to be built in the framework of the Action. Further, CarEsmatic will increase knowledge about the distribution of electric and hybrid vehicles, supporting in particular Mediterranean ports to cope with future developments in relation to the automotive industry and therefore supporting such industry. Such activity will include pilot installations of charging stations at the two ports and on board two Neptune vessels.

The projects partners are:

The Action which is co-financed by the EU through the CEF program (priority MoS) has started in March 2016 and is scheduled to be implemented by end of 2018.

The Escola is the project office of the Port of Barcelona.