LIFE logistics

The LIFE project was brought to life with the hope of enhancing overall knowledge in the freight logistics sector and to foster the advanced methods and procedures of cooperation within the freight market.

The ultimate goal of the project was to promote intermodal maritime solutions to improve the cooperation and exchange of the know-how among its participants.


Timeline of the LIFE project

The LIFE logistics project was completed in November 2013.

Integrating Intermodal Solutions

We aimed to improve intermodal solutions through:

  • The integration of tracking and tracing of materials;
  • A uniform electronic window and Port Community System for the exchange of information between the services and users concerned by the Motorways of the Sea and the maritime-railway operations
  • The development of one-stop-shop for administrative issues;
  • Current perspectives, prospects and possibilities for the maritime-railways intermodality

LIFE with a European Dimension

The European Commission defines comodality as the way to improve the performance of each transport mode (and/or his combination with other transport mode) in terms of its safety, environmental performance and energy efficiency. It’s the way to find the right balance between competitiveness and environmental demands

Promoting door-to-door maritime transport

One of the pan-European objectives on the promotion of short-sea-shipping routes was to change the common perception that these routes do not allow for door-to-door transportations. Through the integration and centralisation of the different modes of transportation, the existing (and developing) logistics networks, and delivery routes throughout the Mediterranean as well as on the European continent, the door-to-door concept improved the overall transportation systems of Europe, and therewith improved general public understanding.