Container on tracks in the TCB terminal - Escola Europea's SURCO course

Escola Europea adapts its courses to an online format with more online exercises and virtual visits

The Escola Europea has launched a new edition of one of its signature training courses – SURCO (Simple Use of Railway Connections), which is scheduled to begin next February.

The training, originally designed to be carried out in person to offer an overly practical experience of the subject matter, will now be provided virtually and on a part-time basis. This shift was caused by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Escola’s original training model. A less intensive online format will also allow for “a greater flexibility for the students to adapt – in particular those who have to combine training with their jobs”.

The SURCO course has been in considerable demand over the past years and we are confident that it will continue to be so after its adaptation to an online format. – Marta Miquel – Chief Business Officer of the Escola Europea Intermodal Transport


Moreover, the new SURCO courses from the Escola Europea are designed to meet the needs of the students, so that “they can incorporate more practical sessions and the study of successful business cases”, said Marta Miquel. Furthermore, “they also have virtual visits to the facilities through audio-visual elements, with videos of guided explanations of the different operations”, she adds.

For the moment, the course has been confirmed by the Escola Europea for its next edition. “As the health crisis situation progresses, we will re-evaluate the types of courses announced on our website and we will study the possibility of reintroducing the in-person part of the training. Nevertheless, we believe that the pandemic has marked a turning point in training formats and that probably, from now on, we will combine the two modalities in our courses”, highlighted Marta Miquel.

By Alba Tejera, Diario del Puerto

This article first appeared on the Diario del Puerto website.