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Benvenuti alla Escola in Italia

Marco Muci

Co-written by: Marco Muci, Escola Europea Intermodal Transport

Martina Trincia

Co-written by: Martina Trincia, Operations Assistant – Escola Europea Italia

Against all odds, 2020 has turned out to be very successful for the Escola in the Italian environment. Having officially created a physical office in the country (in the spring – we have had a physical presence since 2019), with the incorporation of our Country Manager Marco Muci to the Civitavecchia office, the Escola vamped up its efforts to promote its training initiatives among the local institutions. In addition, a new member – Martina Trincia – has joined the Escola team to help with all activities in Italy.

Today, one of the main activities of the Escola Europea is taking care of the new ITS training course called “GLIPS” (Gestione della Logistica Integrata e dei Processi di Spedizione). This highly specialised course, with the collaboration of the Fondazione “G. Caboto” and the Port Authority of Centre-North Tyrrhenian Sea, is the first of its type in Civitavecchia. It is also the only one in the entire Lazio region to develop a management and logistics programme. The two year long path will allow successful students to obtain a certificate of an integrated logistics technician .

Since January 2021 the activities of our classes have become more connected to the economic realities in Italy. After the Christmas holidays, students resumed their activities remotely. The first part of the course included subjects in the fields of logistics and sustainable shipping, with a particular focus on the post-COVID-19 era, as well as fundamentals of logistics and freight transport and sector innovations.

Alongside the subjects described above, the students are doing an effort to actively practice English and IT – skills that will doubtlessly be fundamental for both their personal and professional development. These skills will also be compulsory for participants of the new European project YEP MED – led by Escola and of which the Port Authority of Centre-North Tyrrhenian Sea is a partner.

More than 15 professors, coming from both the academic and business worlds have joined the GLIPS course. Moreover, with the recent new addition of six students, the first group now totals 30 – a respectable number for such an important pilot course. At the time of writing (mid-March) we have completed about 200 hours of lessons since the beginning of the ITS.  We are truly grateful that so many young people believe in our way of teaching and trust us to prepare them for the future.

The Escola and the Fondazione “G. Caboto” are working hard despite the difficult economic and social climate to guarantee a high quality of training.

To further complement the training, the students took part in the “Formati al Porto” course last December. The course, which is regularly organised by Escola, allows students to get to know the main actors of the port logistics community. It took place in hybrid format due to the pandemic, and it is anticipated to be completed with visits to numerous terminals in the port of Civitavecchia as soon as the health conditions permit.

New website

In 2021 we have launched a new website for the Italian headquarters: The website contains all of the information of our projects, courses and events, as well as additional information about our Italian offices. Check it out!

New Offices

The renovations of a new classroom at the premises of the Port Authority were completed this month, and we hope that the students will soon be able to attend lessons in person. It will be an important step to come back to the classroom in April, as this will ensure that the lessons are more engaging, and some team-building activities can be incorporated into the lesson plans which had to be excluded in the virtual environment.


We have some good news about our Formati al Porto courses and new partnership agreements.

On the24-25 March a new online edition of our course with the “Università degli Studi della Tuscia” will take place. It is the second consecutive year that will welcome participants from the University, and an important milestone for the Escola signalling for the return to our regular operations.

Following the training course, the Escola Europea and the Port Authority of Centre-North Tyrrhenian Sea will sign a new agreement to continue and strengthen their collaboration in the Formati al Porto project in the coming years.

This week we also celebrate the addition of a new training centre to the project – namely the ITS Logistica Sostenibile from Piacenza and Bologna (Emilia-Romagna region). These two instutitutions will send groups to attend a week-long training course in Barcelona next year. This is a great achievement and recognition of the Escola’s passion and work in Italy.

Online Training Courses

Thanks to the new partnership, we are developing a new online training module (in English) where the students of two classes from ITS Sustainable Logistics (Piacenza and Bologna) will virtually visit the Port of Barcelona and attend specialised lessons on sustainability and digitalization together with industry experts.

Furthermore, together with the Port Authority we are developing the first VT1 YEP MED in April. Just like Formati al Porto, the YEP MED courses will be held online and will see the participation of centres and companies from the port logistic community of Civitavecchia. A new training centre from Ortona (Abruzzo region) will attend our first edition of this prestigious project. We hope that the ITS from Abruzzo will join our Formati al Porto soon, and get the chance to visit us in Civitavecchia.

More challenges and new projects are coming – stay tuned!