• To provide training in port operations for goods.

  • To show port operations and port facilities in detail and from a

    practical perspective.

  • To offer deep insight to types of terminals, cargo particularities and

    cargo inspections.

Recommended previous knowledge:

Basic knowledge of maritime transport


The course on Port Operations is highly specialised. The contents are divided into workshops and lectures complemented by audiovisual material. The classes are interactive and the students are encouraged to participate actively. The documentation will be handed out both in hard and electronic copy. At the end of the course, successful participants will receive a diploma.



  • Introduction: Cargoes and their particularities

  • Port security: Areas division, regulations and planning

  • Maritime insurances

  • Infrastructure and functions of the Border Inspection Post

  • Customs regulations

  • Quality team (EQ: containers, vehicles & other goods)

  • Risk management: Dangerous goods and emergencies

  • Passenger services / loading and unloading of vehicles

  • Land services to the merchandise: Rail/ road transport


  • Visit to the Border Inspection Post (BIP)
  • Visit to the scanner facilities
  • Visit to the multipurpose terminal
  • Visit to a container terminal
  • Visit to a vehicle terminal
  • Visit to a chemical liquid bulk terminal
  • Visit to a solid bulk cargo terminal

Participant profile

  • Students of port management, nautical and maritime transport, transport management and logistics
  • Early or mid-career ship and port agents wishing to expand their knowledge
  • Shipping company personnel wishing to understand the work of the agent
  • Port terminal personnel wishing to understand how port operations and services work


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Others (contact us)




5 days (8 – 14h)

Tuition per person