The port of Civitavecchia to host the new Italian headquarters of the Escola Europea

The port of Civitavecchia, headquarters of the Port Authority of Centre-North Tyrrhenian Sea in Italy, will now also be the host of the Italian headquarters of the Escola Europea – Intermodal Transport.

The decision was approved at the Steering Committee meeting of the European training centre that took place on the 12th of April at the facilities of the Italian port.

Representatives of the Escola’s partners attended the meeting, which included: Francesco Maria di Majo, president of the host port; Sixte Cambra, president of the Port of Barcelona and of the Escola Europea; Paolo Emilio Signorini, counterpart of the Port Authority of the Western Liguria Sea (ports of Genoa); Guido Grimaldi, Commercial Director of the Grimaldi Group; and Antonio Pedevilla, Director of Operations of GNV. During the gathering the Escola’s activities carried out in 2017 were approved, and the projects in which the Escola is involved in a formative as well as in a communication capacity were explained. Likewise, the planned initiatives and courses for 2018 were summarised.

The president of the Escola Europea, Sixte Cambra, opened the meeting by sharing the magnificent results of the past year. 36 courses were carried out that counted with the participation of 1,300 participants, representing an increase of 50% in the number of courses and 47% in the number of participants compared to 2016. Thirty-eight technical workshops were held on port terminals (with 1,430 participants), showing a further 25% increase over the previous year. In total, the Escola’s team carried out 74 training activities, with 2,730 students from 46 countries and with the participation of 35 training centres. 75% of the students came from Europe, 20% from America and 5% from Africa.

56% of the activities were conducted in languages other than Spanish, and for the first time one of the courses took place beyond European borders, in Morocco.

More data: 54% of the participants were professionals or students of current university degrees and post-graduates and / or linked to companies in the transport sector.

Finally, the quality of the courses was rated more than satisfactory: an average of 4.39 out of 5 was rated by the course participants, demonstrating excellence in training and experience. This certifies that the teachers, the organization and the means made available to the students were more than adequate to meet the expectations of the students.

During the meeting, the Escola team presented the TransLogMED project, labelled by the Union for the Mediterranean and approved by the European Commission and the countries that make up this organization. The project aims to promote regional integration across the Mediterranean by favouring and facilitating the development of the Motorways of the Sea and the creation of jobs in the transport and logistics sector, offering specialized and quality professional training. TransLogMED plans to organize more than 30 activities, including courses and seminars, with an approximate scope of one thousand professionals from the sector coming from Italy, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and Jordan.