The Business to Motorways of the Sea (B2MoS) global project aimed to provide a suitable array of measures in order for ports to become efficient gateways for short sea shipping in order to compete on more door-to-door corridors and facilitate the development of TEN-T Motorways of the Sea network connecting Europe.

Website: www.b2mos.eu

Duration: June 2013 – December 2015

The project contributed to establishing a European maritime space without barriers by facilitating and simplifying compliance with regulations and by promoting intermodal sustainable transport solutions that reinforce the Motorways of the Sea (MoS) strategy and that take full advantage of existing port facilities and short sea capacities.


The main objectives of the B2MoS Action was to design, prototype, pilot and demonstrate a set of IT solutions that would prepare business stakeholders, port management and PCS to efficiently comply with the requirements of Directive 2010/65/EU and with new National Single Windows (as defined by the respective Member States); improve interoperability and pilot electronic messages and systems for the exchange of crucial transport documents such as the electronic sea waybill, rail consignment note and commercial invoice; extend the electronic T2L initiative and promote mutual recognition among Member States of the proof of EU Community Status by electronic means; facilitate trade and promote the use of MoS by removing obstacles to intra-Community freight transport by sea and piloting IT solutions to increase cohesion and facilitate trade with ultra-peripheral regions.


The partners and implementing bodies involved in B2MoS were:

  • Valenciaport Foundation (Spain)
  • Port Authority of Valencia (Spain)
  • Port Authority of Barcelona (Spain)
  • Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping – 2E3S (Spain)
  • Continental Rail (Spain)
  • PORTIC Barcelona (Spain)
  • Port Authority of Bilbao (Spain)
  • Contenosa (Spain)
  • Grupo Romeu Multiservices (Spain)
  • TIBA Internacional (Spain)
  • International Forwarding (IFS) (Spain)
  • Port Authority of Piraeus (Greece)
  • Maritime Cargo Processsing (United Kingdom)
  • Hafen Hamburg Marketing (Germany)
  • dbh Logistics IT AG (Germany)
  • Luka Koper, Port and Logistic System (Slovenia)
  • Intereuropa, Global Logistics Service (Slovenia)
  • Boluda Lines (Spain)
  • Neptune Lines Shipping and Managing Enterprises (Greece)
  • Global Maritime Agency (Greece)
  • Dakosy Datenkommunikationssystem (Germany)
  • Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti – Direzione Generale per Il Trasporto Marittimo e le vie d’acqua Interne – Italian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (Italy)
  • Port Authority of Livorno (IMPLEMENTING BODY) (Italy)
  • Port Authority of Civitavecchia (IMPLEMENTING BODY) (Italy)
  • RINA Services Spa (IMPLEMENTING BODY) (Italy)
  • D’APPOLONIA (Italy)


The project is financed by the European Union.