Technological Transfer for Logistics Innovation in Mediterranean Area

Most Mediterranean sectors suffer from poor connections between research, development and education, from one side, and, the real economy, from the other side. Unfortunately, many tools used and developed by research and academic actors do not match with actual market needs. Ports are no exception to this situation. TECHLOG wants to strengthen ties between academia and the (trans)port industry (namely the transport inside port areas) in the Mediterranean region. Concretely, TECHLOG will encourage joint Technology Transfer Initiatives (TTI) to achieve common quality standards for transport and port specialized staff. A Mediterranean Open Lab will be created to promote and share those initiatives within the (trans)port communities. These TTI will be tested through pilot actions, in real port operators, and will involve trained staff. For the sake of efficiency and consistency, the project will focus on advanced simulation technologies which are, beyond the shadow of a doubt, among the key success factors for both port workers and port operators.


Budget: €3,5 million (90% EU Contribution)

Open Tender

Date of publication of the open tender: 16/12/2022 

Due date: 02/01/2023 


ESCOLA EUROPEA –INTERMODAL TRANSPORT is launching a tender procedure to contract the services of an innovation consultant for the creation and implementation of a 2-day hybrid-format Training of Innovation Trainers course directed to representatives of Mediterranean transport and port institutions and to the actors in charge of facilitating two Living Labs in the transport and logistics sector. The course is to take place in the framework of the European project TECHLOG (Technological Transfer for Logistics Innovation in Mediterranean Area) –B_A.2.1_0175 funded by the ENI CBC MED programme.  

All relevant tender documents can be found on the link below and will remain available during the period of offer presentation. 

Project Description

The objective of TECHLOG is to strengthen research-industry links in the (trans)port sector by establishing a permanent cross-border EU-Med space where research organizations and (trans)port industries co-create, test and share new Technology Transfer Initiatives based on advanced simulation technologies.

What will be improved?

The project will set in place a Cross-Border Med Open Lab aimed at facilitating knowledge sharing and joint technology transfer initiatives between academia and (trans)port industry in the field of advanced simulation for (trans)port and logistics staff. This will help trigger a knowledge-based development built around innovation and advanced simulation technologies that will contribute to the growth of the EU-Med trans(port) economy. Thanks to TECHLOG, (trans)port operators and institutions will be provided with a reference point to co-design and deliver technology transfer in real-life environment to improve (trans)port performance and competitiveness.

Who will benefit?

  • Port authorities
  • Terminal operators
  • Research centres in the field of advanced simulation
  • Dockworkers

Contribution to policy-making

EU transport policies are showing great attention to heavy-vehicles due to their well-recognized impact on the environment. As professional drivers are expected to travel across-borders, it makes sense to have a uniform approach to implementing training and certifying competencies across the Mediterranean. Similarly, Mediterranean ports show different levels of performance in terms of labor productivity and safety. TECHLOG will draft a joint proposal for a shared Mediterranean qualification standard of advanced training programs via simulators. European Authorities and Med governments can make this proposal their own in order to eventually turn it into standards that expand the existing Directives and provisions to ensure higher training’s quality and effectiveness.

Expected achievements

  • 2 Living Labs established to support technology transfer between research centers specialized in driving simulators and (trans)port communities
  • 1 Training course for innovation trainers developed
  • 10 representatives of transport institutions trained to become innovation trainers in their sector
  • 16 (trans)port enterprises cooperating with research institutions to validate the developed TTIs


The 2014-2020 ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme is a multilateral Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) initiative funded by the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI). The Programme objective is to foster fair, equitable and sustainable economic, social and territorial development, which may advance cross-border integration and valorise participating countries’ territories and values. The following 13 countries participate in the Programme: Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Palestine, Portugal, Spain, and Tunisia. The Managing Authority (MA) is the Autonomous Region of Sardinia (Italy). Official Programme languages are Arabic, English and French. For more information, please visit: