CoModalWeb 2.0

Timeline of the CoModalWeb 2.0 project

The CoModalWeb 2.0 project is now completed. Launched in 2008, it has been completed in the summer of 2011.

The Scope

The project aimed to contribute to the development of the co-modality and the logistics collaborative across the WEB 2.0 for the promotion of the Short Sea Shipping


The development of co-modality in logistics and Motorways of the Sea requires collaboration among different communities and distant ports, as well as physical aspects of administrative simplification and agility of communication in logistic port processing. CoModalWeb2.0 is a multi-agent system, with the architecture of participation Web 2.0, which powers sharing and collaboration among users for non-administrative aspects, and which promotes open space for collaboration and collective intelligence, therewith creating a network of collaboration and understanding between different port communities.

For more information on the CoModalWeb 2.0 project, you can go to the website(


The partners involved in Forma’t al Port project are:

  •  Port Authority of Barcelona
  • Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping
  • BCN Foundation for Professional Training
  • Barcelona Catalonia Logistics Center BCL


The project is financed by the Escola and the project’s partners.