Sustainable Logistics Takes the Stage: Escola Europea to participate at SeaFocus ESG Summit

The SeaFocus ESG Summit in Finland is about to host a remarkable moment as the Escola Europea for Intermodal Transport marks its inaugural presence at this esteemed event. Scheduled for October 4th in Naantali, Finland, the Summit serves as a gathering of industry luminaries, experts, and professionals deeply committed to the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) within the maritime and logistics sectors. This year, the SeaFocus Institute, the event’s organiser, has extended a special invitation to the Escola Europea to showcase its innovative training offerings.

A focus on training

The Escola Europea, along with its dedicated staff and collaborators, is set to lead a comprehensive 2.5-hour training session during the summit. The highlight of this session will be the introduction of Port Virtual Lab (PVL), a ground-breaking platform that blends technology and education to create a dynamic learning environment in the field of port logistics.

Participants in this session will be encouraged to bring their laptops or iPads to fully engage with and experience the power of Through it, attendees will gain valuable insights into the logistics world, enabling them to explore cargo handling, customs procedures, and port operations as they navigate the complexities of international trade and transport through a safe and simulated environment.

Marco Muci, Italy Country Manager from the Escola Europea, emphasized the commitment to driving innovation in sustainable transport solutions. By offering transformative training programmes such as PVL, the Escola Europea empowers students to excel in the dynamic logistics industry by ensuring that what is taught aligns perfectly with real world professional realities. Also moderating the training session will be Jessica Cervini, a teacher and Ambassador of PVL at the Escola Europea, ensuring that the participants gain valuable insights into the future of logistics.

Ulla Keino, CEO of the SeaFocus Institute, underscores the importance of supporting sustainable supply chains and logistics education. SeaFocus aims to foster an active dialogue around teaching logistics and supply chain management with a sustainability angle in universities and universities of applied sciences. They also aim to brainstorm public-private partnerships for the development of educational programs in this field.

A Mediterranean approach in the Baltic

Adding to the excitement of the event, the Summit will also feature two distinguished guests: Jordi Torrent, representing the Port of Barcelona, and Pino Musolino, President of the MEDports Association. The Escola Europea holds a special place in the MEDports Association, as it is an official training center within the network of member ports. This recognition underscores Escola Europea’s commitment to excellence in logistics education and its pivotal role in shaping the future of the maritime and logistics industry.


The Escola Europea’s participation in the SeaFocus ESG Summit in Finland signifies a momentous step towards the spread of its signature sustainable logistics education. With at the forefront and the support of esteemed collaborators, the Escola Europea is poised to inspire a new generation of logistics professionals who are not only well-versed in industry practices but also deeply committed to environmental, social, and governance principles. This debut appearance is not just a milestone for Escola Europea; it is a testament to the organization’s dedication to the future of logistics and the pursuit of a more sustainable world.