Group of Forma't al Port students - January 2021

45 students experience the Port of Barcelona virtually through Forma’t al Port

With Covid-19 is showing no signs of slowing, the Escola Europea continues to hold classes for its students in the digital universe. Between the 20th and the 21st of January the first group of students experienced the infrastructures of the Port of Barcelona and learned about the transport operations that take place therein through the online edition of the Forma’t al Port – Introduction course.

The online format of the courses sacrifices a little of the Escola’s unique experiential teaching approach – which aims to bring the students closer to the places where the operations physically take place – but it nevertheless transmits the expertise of its teachers to the students, by offering a mixture of online tours and videos alongside and theoretical lectures.

The Escola’s first course of 2021 was attended by 45 students from the Jaume Mimó Institute in Catalunya. The students took part in the course as part of their International Trade and Logistics and Transport Vocational Training offered by the Institute. The theoretical classes focused on the operations carried out within the port environment, and introduced an amalgam of different actors active in the Catalan port through the presentations of the associations of the sector. The goal of the programme is to encourage dual-training opportunities and to bring the professional environment closer to young adults about to embark on their first employment experiences.

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