The Escola Europea signs collaboration agreement with Spediporto-Genoa

On the 13th of May 2018 the director of the Escola Europea – Intermodal Transport Eduard Rodés travelled to Genoa to sign an agreement of collaboration with the president Dott. Alessandro Pitto of Spediporto-Genoa. The meeting took place alongside the association’s annual general assembly which followed the theme “Meeting our goals: connect, perform, excel”.

The agreement was signed in the framework of the Escola’s new Formati al Porto project. It specifies the incorporation of its proven intermodal training modules in the courses offered by Spediporto over a period of three years.

The educational focus of the Escola is based on research: students attend lectures and practical workshops and work on a case study in groups, which encourages collaborative work and group cohesion as a means to optimize the development of logistics chains.

Founded by 13 entrepreneurs, the Spediporto Association of couriers and carriers of Genoa has established itself as a reality of excellence able to provide qualified and highly professional services. It focuses its activities on the telematic development for the computerization of operational processes; the internationalization of associated members; providing training for the staff of associated companies; and fostering the partnership with the Port of Genoa and other local actors in the transport sector.

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